Troubled Teen Options

Teen Responsibility

Teen Responsibility takes into consideration many factors. Teen’s responsibilities can include everything from taking out the trash at home to maintaining an acceptable GPA in school. Teen responsibility can also include participation in church function and athletics, if they are interested in them. When a teen accepts a position on an athletic team they also accept the responsibilities that go along with it. If a teen decides to try out for the football team or the cheerleading squad, they will be responsible to go to practice. They will also be expected to make it to the games each week.

Teen responsibility is taught by parents, teachers, and spiritual leaders. A teen that doesn’t learn to accept responsibility will have a difficult time with the transition into adulthood. Some parents feel the need to shelter teens from responsibilities. This sheltering will harm the teen much more than help them. Many teens take a part time job while they are in high school. This is a great opportunity for the teen to learn responsibility.

Responsibility in Children

Responsibility in children is much less of a factor than teen responsibility. Children will need to learn to do what they are asked, but children should not be given too difficult of responsibilities. If a parent wants to help their young children learn responsibilities, they should give them very easy ones at first. It would be counterproductive to give a child more than they could handle. Responsibility in children could start with things like taking out the trash, or making their beds. They need to learn responsibilities, but care should taken to assure they never feel like a failure for not performing beyond their capabilities.

Parenting Responsibility

All of the responsibilities we have spoken of thus far are parenting responsibilities. It is the parent’s responsibility to teach their children how to be responsible. This can be a challenge if the parent struggles with accepting and handling responsibilities. None the less if a child, adolescent, or teen lacks in the area of accepting responsibilities it is up to the parent to teach them. Parenting responsibility can be overwhelming at times and can seem like an endless chore. The parent receives a huge reward when they are able to see their children accepting and doing well with responsibilities in their lives.

Responsibility of Parents

It is the responsibility of parents to see that their children grow to be mature men and women. When a parent has a child, they are given this responsibility even though some parents never accept it. It is true that children are a direct reflection of their parents. It is easy to spot a child that has learned what is necessary from their parents. Just as overwhelming as parenting is, so is watching children live productive lives as adults.