Troubled Teen Options

Identity for Girls

Identity for girls is somewhat different than boys. Girls especially teenager girls will typically identify with women in the movies and in magazines. This habit of identity can be good if it is not taken to an extreme. If a teenage girl decides to identify with a model or movie star that is very thin, even too thin, they could possibly end up flirting with anorexia or bulimia. The young girl identifying with a movie star can be an expensive habit, trying to wear designer clothes, and hair styles like their idol movie star. It is typical teen behavior for a teen girl to have someone they admire, and want to be like.

Some girls may drop their standards of expectation and identify with the life of a gangster girl. This will usually place them in a situation where they are having premarital sex with multiple partners, using drugs, and doing poorly in school. The gangster life style may seem like a glamorous way to life from the outside looking at the part the close friends and what appears to be fun. It is not until girls are on the inside looking out that they should have identified and associated with those not living a gang lifestyle.

The Habit of Identity

The habit of identity is basically what a person does each day that makes up their identity. The habit of identity or habits of identity would be the day to day mundane habits a person has that makes up who they are. For example if a person is a sports fanatic he or she will always be checking the scores of games that are going on. The person will relate day to day situations to sports hero’s he has. A lot of what he does everyday will be associated with sports. A person with an identity habit related to the movies will always be quoting movies, and will dress like his favorite movie starts.

The habit of identity can be a positive thing if the person is trying to identify with a positive person. For example is a teen decides that they want to identify or be like Abraham Lincoln, they will emulate his characteristics and traits. Obviously there are teens that will set their goal a little lower. Some teens opt to identify with a negative peer crown or a gangster mentality. This habit of identity will usually land the teen in jail or dead.