Troubled Teen Options

Discipline Teens

With all of the charges of child abuse going on, many people are wondering how to Discipline teens? Slapping or spanking your teen could land you in jail for assault. It is not uncommon for parents to be charged with some type of abuse when they are trying to discipline teens. The laws swing like a pendulum and some times they swing too far. It is challenging in today’s society to know what is ok to do for parents trying to discipline teens. With most any physical contact out of the question, parents may wonder what can I do?

Teen Discipline And The Law

It is wise for parents to know what the specific laws are in states they live in. For example, there are still states that allow parents to spank or physically reprimand their teens. Some school districts even still have the authority to spank a child. The school needs the parental permission to discipline a teen, but it is an option. We know of instances where a parent trying to discipline their teen has had to face legal charges for doing so. If a parent is clear on their rights and their responsibilities as a parent, their job will be much easier. If physical reprimands are out of the question, parents can look to monetary consequences. For example, if a child refuses to do as they are asked, parents can refuse to give them anything more than the law requires. There are some states that say a parent is legally bound to provide two meals and one change of clothes for their teen. Their sleeping arrangements can also be minimal. They may only be required to provide a blanket and roof over the child’s head. Since every state is so different, parental knowledge of their legal responsibilities is imperative. In many cases a teen will know more than his or her parents when it comes to these laws.

How To Discipline Children

Disciplining Children is easier than disciplining a teen. Parent should still be aware of the laws of the state they live in. This will make answering the question of how to discipline children easier. Once they have their legal responsibilities and rights in mind, they will know how to precede with the discipline. We are not advocates of child abuse in any form. We think each parent has to develop a parenting style and discipline plan that will work for them. The key factor in learning how to discipline children effectively is to be consistent. The consistency must be shared between all parents. In split families this can be difficult but it is possible.