Troubled Teen Options

Teens and the Law

The way a teen reacts to and the respect they have for the law may be a direct reflection on the way the parents feel about the law. A teen with legal problems could be facing a lifetime of legal problems unless they learn the consequences of breaking the law. To help teens and the legal problems they have may require some intensive work on the part of the parents. There used to be a program called “Scared Straight” it was designed to motivate young people to follow the rules. Teen were taken to a prison and spoken to by inmates. The inmates were very intimidating and scary to be in the presence of. The program had some positive effects, but was later discontinued.

In Trouble with Law

When a teen gets in trouble with the law things can get a little more complicated for the entire family. A teen in trouble with the law will now be answering to a judge instead of his or her parents. The parents will also be involved with the judicial system. If the troubled teen figures out that they don’t want to be involved with the law anymore they may adjust their life to be more compliant. Sometimes it will only take one run in with the law for a teen to make the necessary changes in their life. This may be the only positive thing associated with the trouble they are in. If a teen commits a serious crime it may be a while before they have a second chance to prove themselves.

Breaking Curfew

Breaking curfew is a good indicator that a teen is heading in the wrong direction. The teen will soon discover how important the infraction is to their parents. If parents don’t follow up with some type of consequence breaking curfew will soon become acceptable in the teen’s eyes. Breaking curfew is usually an early sign that the teen has decided to disregard parental rules. This should be a red flag for parents when the teen begins to break small rules like curfew. Unless it is an isolated incidence breaking curfew should spark an interest in parents about other activities that their child is involved in. If a teen is hanging out with other teens that don’t have curfew this should be a concern for parents. It may be a good time to contact their teen’s friend’s parents. This can be very informative to see what kind of support system your teen’s friends have in place.

Illegal Drinking

Illegal drinking is commonly the gateway to substance abuse by troubled teens. A teen will usually try drinking before moving on to marijuana and other forms of substance abuse. Illegal drinking is also an indication that the youth has no regard for the law. A parent should be vigilante in watching for signs of illegal drinking. If a parent makes it a policy to stay awake until their teen gets home in the evening drinking should be fairly easy to spot. Some parents not only stay awake until their teen arrives home, but the teen is expected to give their mother a kiss on the cheek before going to bed.