Troubled Teen Options

Teen Evaluation

If you can answer yes to two or more of these questions, we recommend giving us a call.

Are your teen's friends concerned about him or her?
Has your teen ever returned home drunk?
Does your teen use marijuana?
Are there signs of heavier drug use?
Is your teen huffing?
Has your teen ever run away?
Is your teen sexually active?
Has your teen lost interest in school?
Does your teen have new friends you haven't met?
Does your teen seem depressed and sleep a lot?
Has your teen given up on sports or other previous interests?
Does your teen smoke cigarettes?
Is your teen removed from family activities?
Does your teen seem incapable of carrying on a conversation with either parent?
Does your teen possibly think of suicide?
Has your teen made a suicide attempt requiring hospitalization in the last 6 months?
Does your teen have disrespect for authority figures?
Is your teen despondent and given up all hope?

Please note: This is just an indicator of behaviors that usually precede a teen's placement in some kind of program. It is not intended to and should not replace a professional opinion. Suicide issues are complex and should be handled extremely carefully with a trained medical caregiver. Immediate placement may be needed even if only one question was answered "yes". I will not hold responsible for any problems arising from use of this questionnaire.