Troubled Teen Options

Troubled Teen Help
If your family is struggling with the chaotic lifestyle associated with a troubled teen you have come to the right place. Troubled Teen .us is dedicated to assisting parents of troubled and defiant youth.

We can assist you in finding an appropriate placement for your child. You may have found that many websites on the Internet take you to the same group of schools. Troubled Teen .us is not associated with any major chain of troubled teen boarding schools.

Finding appropriate teen help can seem like a daunting task. With so many options available, it is easy for a parent to become overwhelmed and afraid to make any choice. Our experienced and helpful coordinators are able to patiently guide you through the difficult task you are faced with in order to find help for your defiant teen.

Troubled Teen Boarding Schools
Troubled Teen .us does have a close association with Tipton and Meadowlark Academies. We do refer to several boarding schools, boot camps, and military style schools. We would be happy to explain the difference of these options, if you have questions please call. There are hundreds of troubled teen boarding schools across the country. Some of the schools are sincerely interested in helping you and your family and some are more interested in warehousing large groups of students in order to collect large amounts of money. The program directors we work with are very experienced and are educated in the latest techniques available today. If you are interested in moving to the next level, give us a call we can help. We know that you will be happy with the help we are able to extend to you and your family.

Troubled Teen Warning Signs

* Defiance

* Trouble in school

* Failure to comply with simple requests

* Increasing resistance to authority

* Sneaking out at night

* Negative group of friends

These signs are not conclusive of all the troubled teen warning signs. Your child may exhibit all of these or even none of these. The majority of parents we talk to have expressed these as behaviors currently going on in their teen’s life. We do not profess to be Doctors or clinical professionals. We have day to day experience in assisting parents struggling with troubled and defiant youth. We have helped literally hundreds of parents find appropriate help for their at risk teens. Our goal is to treat parents of troubled teens with honesty and integrity, only referring to programs that we would feel comfortable sending our own kids to.

Troubled Teen Advice

If you are a parent struggling with a troubled teen you are not alone. Thousands and thousands of parents face the same problems you have. Don't get discouraged. There are a lot of things you can do in order to change the behavior of your troubled teen. If you don't think he is ready to be sent to a troubled teen boarding school give us a call and we can help. If your defiant teen is struggling with drugs, try buying a low cost at home drug kit and make him take it. Be sure to stand out side the bathroom so you know they are actually using it correctly and not trying to trick you. Some troubled teens ask friends to give them a cup of urine in order to pass the test.

Sometimes you may get down on your self and think you could have been a better parent. It's not your fault. A major thing your should look at are the friends your troubled teen is hanging around. Studies have shown that if a teen is hanging with the wrong crowd he is highly likely to do all the same activites. Invite your teens friends over in order to get to know them.

Another good thing to do is be open and share your feelings with your troubled teen. Some parents don't know how to communicate with a defiant teen. Sit down and be honest with how you feel. Try to understand how they feel and take their feelings into consideration. Most troubled teens don't feel enough love at home. Spend some quality time with them and it will pay off in the long run. Don't just buy them things. Time is more valuable to a troubled teen than objects. They may not think so, but deep down inside it will mean the world to them. Plan one day out of the week where you will do something as a family. Your troubled teens will slowly start to change if you change how you are acting as well.