Troubled Teen Options

Amber Alert

Most people are familiar with the term “Amber Alert” it is a national emergency program to assist parents that have lost their children. The Amber Alert program has saved many children before they have been gone too long. We believe that when a child is kidnapped the parents success of keeping the child alive increases, if the child is recovered quickly. Statistics show that the first three hours are critical. Here is a link to the Amber Alert website:

For more detailed information about this service visit their site. You can also sign up to receive Amber Alerts on your cell phone. Here is a site that will enable you to help search for abducted children:

Missing Children

There are not many feelings parents experience that can compare with the realization that one of your children is missing. It may be one of the most helpless feelings a parent will ever have. A parent with a missing child struggles to understand why the rest of the world doesn’t drop everything to help them find their child. The wireless alerts linked above is as close to everyone dropping everything to help as a parent will ever find. A parent will not rest or be at ease until their child is safe back in their grasp again.

Runaway Teens

Parents that have dealt with a runaway teen will attest to the pain and despair that accompany this terrible event. The parent will not only suffer from the child being gone, but must deal with the fact that their child doesn’t care for them as much as they hoped. When a teen actually runs away, they are sending a message to parents that they don’t need them anymore. This is far from the truth, as implicated by the decision to run itself. Many teens that runaway will stay with a friend. This is preferred to a teen living on the streets. A teen living on the streets is much more in danger, than a teen sleeping on a friend’s couch. The teen on the street is subjected to pimps, drug dealers, and many other negative possibilities. If a teen is unable to find food, they may begin selling themselves for food.

Kidnapping Children

Statistics about kidnapping and missing children are interesting. The majority of children missing are usually with someone they know. Here is a website that is very informative and filled with facts and statistics about kidnapping. Family abductions are nearly 4 times more prevalent than non family abductions. This is probably due in part to divorced parents taking a child, when the court has ruled against them having the child. For more information visit this site: