Troubled Teen Options

Teenage Rebellion

As long as there have been teenagers there has been teenage rebellion. In the fifties James Dean played in a movie “Rebel without a Cause”. Fifty years later there are still teenagers acting the part of a rebel without a cause. Teenage rebellion is a very troubling problem for their parents. When a teenager decides to do contrary to the wishes of his or her parents they are labeled rebellious. They may also be labeled troubled or wayward. When a teen receives a negative label, he or she will have a difficult time ridding themselves on it. If parents are able to open the communication lines with the teenager rebelling, they will have much better success ending the teenage rebellion.

Teenage Rebellion In School

Teenage rebellion also creates problems for the academic system. When a teenager decides to be noncompliant with the wishes of those at school, it creates extra work and confusion for the remainder of the students. The rebellious teen will usually be sent to an administrative office and some type of reprimand will be given him or her. In some cases, the teen is expelled from school and must remain off campus for a predetermined amount of time. For the rebellious teenager this can be a vacation, especially if both parents work outside of the home.

Teenage Rebellion At Home

When a teen decides that he or she is no longer going to follow family rules they are considered rebellious. This teenage rebellion in the home can create many different problems for the parents trying to provide for their family. It is also difficult on siblings that are trying to be compliant with their parent’s wishes. In some cases when a teenager rebels, a sibling will follow his or her negative example. This can really make things difficult for parents as the teenage rebellion can really separate the home. If some of the siblings are trying to do what is right and some aren’t there is a division. The children in compliance will be ridiculed by the rebellious children. Parents will naturally want to do more for the compliant children, creating what could be conceived as unfair treatment to the rebellious children. Parents will need to work extra hard to keep this from happening. The parents can set up criteria that must be met by all to receive rewards. If the teenagers rebelling are not compliant, they will have no claim to the rewards of the compliant. In essences the rebellious teens are reaping the reward they earned. Ideally the parents will be able to restore unity and the teenage rebellion will be short lived.