Troubled Teen Options

Teen Peer Pressure

The teenage years are an important time for self discovery, to make new friends, and to participate in social activities. Unfortunately, some teens may find themselves hanging out in the “wrong crowd’ and choose peers who don’t influence them for the best. Teens will inevitably experience peer pressure; sometimes pressure to do good things, and other times pressure to do bad things. When teens choose bad peers, they obviously, and most often, choose the latter. When teens feel pressure from bad peers, they often believe they have to participate in negative things, such as stealing, skipping class, drugs, and/or alcohol. Bad peers may even make fun of someone for not participating in negative peer pressure and would make some feel like they are unaccepted, or stupid for not giving in. It is important for teens to have a “game plan” when they feel like they are being pressured from their bad peers.

Teens And Friends

Some things teens can do when they are feeling pressure from bad peers are:

Choose the right friends.

Hang out with people who accept you for who you are and for what you believe in. Good friends would never talk you in to doing something you are not comfortable with. If you are hanging out with peers who give you negative peer pressure and talk you into things you are not comfortable with, it may be time to reevaluate your social circle. Finding new friends can be hard but well worth the price. Thousands of teens are being influenced daily because of their friends. A lot of teens are getting arrested and addictied to drugs all because they felt like they were pushed into it.

Talk To Each Other

Keep the lines of communication open with your parents. They have probably been through many of the same type of pressures you have and will experience. They can advise you on what you need to do in certain situations. If you are a parent tell your teen to invite their friends over so you can get to know them. Be open with your teen about how you feel about their friends.

If you are a teen and some of your friends try to get you to do something you are not okay with, say no. It is okay to say no to things you don’t feel comfortable with! If you are worried about losing friends, in the long run, it will probably be worth it. Chances are, your peers will think more of you for standing your ground and defending your values.