Troubled Teen Options

Test Taking Strategies

A big part of a teen’s life in high school will be associated with test taking and high school studies. There are a few things that a teen can do to maximize the success of their test taking. The first factor is obvious; study will enhance the results of the test, this includes paying attention in class. There are some students gifted enough to take a test without studying and do very well on it. The majority however will have to pay attention in class, take notes, and study to do well on a test.

Cramming for Tests

Some students do better when they cram for a test. This basically refers to cramming as much knowledge as possible into their brains just prior to a test. This method is effective for many teens and college students alike. With the information fresh on their minds they can more easily recall it when requested to on the test. Some students will need to do a combination of paying attention in class, taking notes, and cramming for a test. Many students are not academically gifted, yet they do very well in school. This is due to a concentrated effort to succeed through hard work and determination.

Methodic Studying for Tests

Some students find success through studying and learning the concepts taught each day and week during the year. They feel that by learning the concepts as they go a long, they are building a foundation of knowledge that they can draw on as they need it. This type of learning is effective for many students, and is the recommended way of learning by most schools. At the end of the course when it is time for a test, the student just needs to review what he or she has already learned, rather than spending a few days cramming for the test.

Flash Cards and Tests

Some students have kept the flash card method they learned in grade school to learn their times tables etc. This method can be effective even in high school to help a more visual person learn and remember basic principles. If a student will develop a set of flash cards as they progress through the course they are taking, they will be able to use them as a review when it is test time. If the answers are written on the back of the flash cards, the student can quiz themselves and check the answers as they go.

Pre Test Preparations

The night before a big test it is important to get a good night sleep. A person that is sleep deprived will not do as well as someone that has slept well. A healthy breakfast will also help the student with the ability to concentrate. If a students stomach is growling, they may not do as well as if they weren’t hungry.