Troubled Teen Options

Teens Self Esteem

A teen’s self esteem can be a pretty fragile thing. Some teens spend the majority of their day trying to be accepted. Not only accepted by their peers, but their teacher’s and even their parents. Some parents never take the time to say anything positive to their teens. A positive comment can go a long way to help a teen’s self esteem. A teens self esteem is directly associated to their confidence level. Some teens believe that in order to have self esteem they need to wear expensive clothes, drive a nice car, and live in a nice house. While this is very shallow, it is the perception of many teens today. It may be that the teen is receiving this message from their parents? It isn’t hard to determine why self esteem is tied to things. An hour of television and the commercials displayed will send a message reinforcing this concept. With so much emphases being placed on things, the important factors contributing to real esteem are often left behind. Teen self esteem should include honesty, integrity, and respect for others.

Boy Self Esteem

Boys self esteem usually consists of the possessions they have, the kind of car they drive, and the sports they participate in. Boys self esteem can also consist of some positive things. Parents are responsible to teach their boy’s the value of work, honesty, and integrity. When a teenage boy’s self esteem is tied to appropriate values, they will have a much easier time the remainder of their lives. If a boy is able to develop appropriate self esteem, he will not need so many “things” to find happiness.

Girl Self Esteem

Girls self esteem is a little more complex than boys self esteem. Girls self esteem is usually tied to more their appearance. For a girl to feel positive about themselves they will need to be thin, have a good complexion, be popular, and all of the false self esteem pieces that boys deal with. Girls like boys will have to have proper instruction to receive the proper level of self esteem. Some teens have issues with self esteem or self worth which causes them to feel they are worthless. This can lead to many other problems. A girl that lacks self esteem is more likely to let a boy take advantage of her with the thought that she may be accepted.

Teen Confidence

Teen confidence is similar to teen self esteem with a few subtle differences. Confidence is a byproduct of self esteem. A teen that has a proper level of self esteem will typically have an appropriate amount of self confidence. Teen confidence can be associated with accomplishments that the teens have made. A teen that does well academically or athletically will usually have more confidence than others without the same abilities. Confidence can also come from false concepts like things; this concept is also false and unfounded. The adage of confidence breeds confidence is true. When a teen experiences success he recognizes that it is possible to succeed, which gives him or her confidence. With a little confidence under his or her belt he can begin to build on the success he has had.

How To Gain Self Confidence

If you have a teen you are trying to build confidence in, you may find some of the possible suggestions helpful:

* Be vigilant trying to find positive things the child has done.

* Create situations where the child can succeed.

* Make the best of failures, and how they can teach us.

* Look for the good in all that the child does.

* Compliment the child whenever possible

Creating confidence in children is like anything else. If you establish a game plan, the process can be organized and systematically attacked. It would be good to make a list of your child’s strengths and weaknesses. This will allow you to build on the strengths that they already possess.