Troubled Teen Options

Teens Diets

Teenís diets can be problematic, if the teenís diets reach unhealthy levels, the teen could be flirting with unhealthy habits. The root of the problem creating the need for teenís diets can be tied to the unhealthy life styles of Americanís today. It is estimated that approximately 15 percent of children 10-17 years old are classified as overweight. It is important that parentís set a good example in regards to proper eating habits and what they say about overweight people. If a child is raised in a home where overweight people are ridiculed, the child may grow into teen age years with a bias toward overweight people. This problem can lead to children and teenís treating others unkindly as they grow to adulthood.

Teens Diets And Eating Habits

The teenís diet of today is much different than it was 50 years ago. Almost everything included in a teenís diet is prepared of fast food. Very few teenís diets include balanced proportions of fruits and vegetables. Prepared foods are not as nutritious as fresh foods and vegetables that used to make up the majority of meals in the past. Fast food is another story. There was a documentary on Television addressing this very issue. The person producing the documentary ate exclusively at a fast food restaurant for 30 days. As a result the producer gained a large amount of weight. His Dr. told him if he kept this up he was going to die. Many teenís diets consist of at least one fast food meal per day.

Teens Diets And Physical Activities

Not only are the teenís diets different, their physical activity is different. The ease of life and the contribution of modern technology have made life so easy people no longer have many physical responsibilities. Elevators and escalators take what used to be a daily physical activity and minimize the physical effort required to get around. Few teenís ever walk, anywhere anymore. The physical education class may be the only time some teens ever participate in any type of physical activity. This is not to say that physical education is not helpful. In days past children and teenís spent much time outside playing games and participating in neighborhood pickup games. The computer game has made it so that a teen can sit in a chair and be entertained for hours with very little movement. There is a new computer game system that has recently been introduced that actually requires participants to go through the motions of the sport they are playing. This along with some dance games, has been found to be a very effective way to increase children and teenís physical activity.