Troubled Teen Options

Teens Alcohol

Teens and alcohol have been a problem since teens and alcohol both came into existence.† A teenís alcohol problem is compounded by his lack of life experience and immaturity.† A teenís alcohol problem is not much less devastating than an adult alcohol problem.† As a matter of fact, some people believe that teenís alcohol problems turn into adult alcohol problems.† When a teen uses alcohol and becomes accustomed to getting drunk, he is more likely to follow this pattern when he is an adult.† He has gotten an early start on drinking and partying that will typically continue on into college.† Teenís alcohol problems can have dramatic affect on the teenís grades also.† A teen that is partying several times a week and occasionally comes to school drunk, will obviously not do well on his or her report card.† Some people believe that teenís alcohol abuse will eventually lead to much more serious types of substance abuse.† Once the teenís alcohol high is no longer exciting, he will begin looking for something new.

Use of Alcohol

Use of alcohol by a minor is illegal.† It has been a law for many years.† It is still common to hear stories of teens getting alcohol poisoning.† The obvious reason is that teens are not really interested so much in obeying the law as they are being popular.† Many teens drink simply because their friends do.† Some teens really donít enjoy drinking but do it because everyone else is doing it.† The peer pressure driven use of alcohol can lead into many greater problems.† If a teen drinks to excess and becomes drunk, they are much more likely to break the law.† They will do things they usually donít do and may even drive drunk.† The dangers of a teen using alcohol and driving drunk are obvious.† If a teen kills someone while they are driving under the influence of alcohol, their life and the life of the family of the person they kill will be changed forever.†

Alcohol Youth

Alcohol youth activities can include raves, keggers, and parties while someoneís parents are out of town.† Alcohol youth parties are a dangerous setting where many improper things can happen.† If a youth drinks some alcohol and loses their inhibitions, they are more likely to engage in sexual activities that can have serious ramifications the remainder of their lives.† Alcohol for youth is illegal, so when they obtain it someone has contributed to the delinquency of a minor.† Alcohol youth activities have no shortage of alcohol, so there is an irresponsible adult somewhere in the picture.† Some adults consider it no big deal to buy alcohol for youth, even there are some pretty stiff penalties in most states doing so.† Alcohol youth parties would be very poorly attended if the parents of the teens in attendance would pay attention to their childrenís behaviors.