Troubled Teen Options

Helping Teenagers with Stress

Many parents are concerned with the stress that their teens deal with on a daily basis. Helping teenagers with stress may sound trivial and unimportant to some people, but teen stress is a reality in our society today. We have complied a list of teen worries for parents to consider:

* Grades in school

* Peer pressure

* Use alcohol

* Use drugs

* Date for the dance

* Funds to dress how they want

* Acceptance in social circles

* World peace

* Economic future of America

Some of the worries of the teen listed above can be removed with proper parental involvement. The lack of an adult to give feedback can lead many teens to worry unnecessarily.

Teenager Relieving Stress with Substance Abuse

Given the fact that teenagers lack much life experience can lead them to using inappropriate stress relieving methods. Some teens will turn to alcohol to relieve the stress that they feel on a daily basis. Alcohol is readily available to just about every teen. Once a teen feels some relief with the use of alcohol, they may begin to frequent this method of escape. The dangers of this release are obvious. Other teens have found an escape through the use of Marijuana. Some people believe that marijuana abuse is not that big of a deal. Others will say that marijuana is a gateway drug, and that it will lead to more dangerous forms of abuse. The marijuana of today is stronger than the pot the teen’s parents grew up with. A wise parent will first be observant enough to see that their teen is under stress. They will spend some extra time teaching their teen more appropriate ways to deal with stress. Some parents and teens may find that some regular activity can assist with stress reduction. A sport that they can participate in together can be very effective in stress reduction. Another benefit of participating in something together comes when parent and teen connect on a different level.