Troubled Teen Options

Teen Sexual Health

Sexually transmitted diseases are becoming more and more common in high schools today. Some teens have reported to us that orgies are not an uncommon activity. It is no wonder that teens have developed an unhealthy attitude about sex considering what is shown on Television, in the movies and magazines today. It is critical that parents explain the dangers associated with unprotected sex and sex with multiple partners. Most teens believe that they are invincible and that nothing bad will happen to them. We believe that sex should be saved until the teen is married. This simple concept would prevent many problems in the world today.

Teen Sexual Health

The importance of a teen’s health should be taught to them and parents should set an example of how to take care of their bodies. Proper eating and exercise should be an important part of a teen’s health. Nutrition, exercise, avoiding cigarettes, alcohol and drugs will positively affect a teen’s health. As we have mentioned before if these principles are taught to the teen when they are a teen they are more likely to live a healthy lifestyle when they are older. Once a teen has damaged their body through abuse they will have a difficult time trying to get healthy again. If they damage their brains with substance abuse they may never completely recover.

Birth Control

There are many types of birth control available to teens today. With the increase of Planned Parenthood office across the country, teens are able to obtain birth control without parental permission. There is really no need for teens that insist on having premarital sex to get pregnant. One of the biggest factors must be the “I won’t get pregnant” myth. As many unwed mothers will attest, it only takes once to become impregnated. If you are a teen and are considering having sex, it is important that you use some form of birth control. This will not only prevent an unwanted pregnancy but will reduce the chances of getting a sexually transmitted disease.


We strongly believe that sexual activities should be saved for marriage. Although a teen may be physically ready to have a baby, emotionally they are unprepared. If a teen decides to engage in sex, they need to consider what they will do if they do become pregnant. We are advocates of abstinence. It is much more desirable for a young man and a young woman to enter into marriage knowing that they are both each others first. There is something special in a marriage if both partners know that they have saved themselves for each other.


There are plenty of movies portraying teens trying to lose their virginity. The importance of virginity has been downplayed almost to the point of virginity being something to be ashamed of. In reality, the opposite is true. If a teen can remain a virgin until they exchange vows, their mate will respect them much more. Virginity is not something to be made fun of but something that should be commended in the youth of today.