Troubled Teen Options

Teen Rape

Teen rape is an ugly problem that can occur when a teenage boy forces himself sexually on a teenage girl. If you are a teen age girl and you have experienced any sexual advances that you did not approve of, you should talk to an adult. Many young girls are afraid to talk to someone about the unwanted sexual advance because they are ashamed. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you have been abused, you are the victim. Donít convince feelings of abuse with feelings of shame. No means no, if you tell a boy that you are not ready to have sex, he should stop immediately. If you donít tell someone, he will continue to force himself on others.

Date Rape

Date Rape is very similar to what we discussed in teen rape. The only difference is that the assault happened on or after a date. Teenage boys should understand that if you do not want to have sex with them they need to stop. If you are kissing a boy and he becomes aroused and you tell him no, he still needs to stop. It is better to keep yourself from getting into a situation that will get a boy aroused. This does not give him permission to go further than you would like to go. Some girls may feel like it is their fault for kissing a boy and getting him aroused. No still means no.

Rape And Teens

Statistics show that about one out of every twelve eight and ninth graders have been a victim of sexual violence in dating. Rape and teens donít need to go together but these statistics indicate that they sometimes do. Some teenage boys will mentally or emotionally abuse a girl until she is willing to have sex with him. This is also not right. Teenage girls that are in a situation where their boyfriend is trying to force them into having sex with them should find a new boyfriend. It would even be wise to not have a boyfriend, but to date a lot of different boys. Dating with others in a group is always a good way to avoid being raped as a teen.

Teen Girl Rape

Teen girls are much more likely to be raped than teen boys. Some times teen girls can be a little naÔve. They are more trusting and usually more innocent than boys. This naÔvetť can get them into trouble if they are not careful. While it is never ok for a boy to go farther than a girl wants to go, some girls may be unintentionally leading a boy on. There are no excuses for a boy to rape a teen girl, but it would be good for teen girls to know how boys think. Boys are constantly thinking about sex. If a girl dresses in revealing or immodest clothing some boys may interpret that to mean that a girl is easy, and that she is looking for sex. If a girl joins in with boys in talking dirty, boys may think she is interested in having sex.

Teen Boy Rape

There is a problem today with boys having sex with their school teachers. While the sex may be consensual, it is still considered to be rape. For someone over 18 to have sex with someone under 18 the charge is usually going to be rape. There have been some famous cases reported in the news in recent years. The boy is not physically forced to have sex with his teacher, but because he is under the age of 18 the teacher will be facing legal charges. The teacher charged with teen boy rape, or statutory rape as it is known in some cases will also lose their ability to teach or even work with teens again. Teen boys are also subject to being raped by another teen boy, even an adult. If a teen boy is raped by an adult it needs to be reported. If you are a teen boy and feel that someone is making sexual advances toward you talk to an adult. If you have been sexually assaulted or abused by an adult, this should be reported immediately to prevent others from being harmed. If you are a teen and feel embarrassed to report this, you should understand that your abuser will continue to violate others if you do not come forward. In conclusion, it is never ok to force yourself sexually on another person. If you have been the victim of someone elseís unwanted sexual advances, you should report them immediately.