Troubled Teen Options

Teen Mothers

When a teen girl becomes pregnant she is immediately forced to begin making adult decisions. The girl has several options that she will need to consider. Here are the choices we are aware of:

* Adoption

* Keep and raise the baby

* Allow family members to raise the child

* Abortion


In many cases adoption is a very good choice. Adoption can be very effective especially for younger teens that are not willing, or able to marry and raise the child. At least the young parents will know that their child will be going to a family that is anxious and willing to have a new baby. This option is usually the best decision for the unborn child. The abortion choice will usually be a difficult one for the young parents to make. They are actually giving up a part of them. While it may be the best option, it may also be the most difficult to make.

Keep the Baby

Teens that decide to keep the baby may feel they are doing the “right” thing. This may be far from the truth; an unprepared family could possibly do more damage than good for the unborn child. If the teen parents are unable to adequately care for the child, the child would be much better off given to a young couple trying to adopt a baby. There are several factors to consider for a teen deciding if they should keep their baby or not.

* Where will the new family live?

* Will the teen parents continue to go to school

* Does the young family have the financial ability to exist

* Who will take care of the baby when the teens are going to school?

* Who will take care of the baby when the teens are working?

The best decision for the newborn baby will probably be the most difficult for the young teens to make. Unless the mothers life is in danger, we believe that abortion should not be considered. There are many studies that indicate problems young mothers face the remainder of their lives associated with their decision to have an abortion.

Emotional Stress of Teen Pregnancy

The emotional stress of a teen pregnancy can weigh heavily on the young couple. Sadly they could have avoided the activities that have brought them to this point. Education is integral to avoiding teen pregnancy. If parents will teach their children while they are young and continue to teach them as they grow, the teen will be less likely to be facing a teen pregnancy. Only those who have gone through a teen pregnancy can adequately explain the emotional stress they have gone through.