Troubled Teen Options

Teen Hygiene

A teen going through puberty will begin to experience many different kinds of changes in their bodies. Teens will notice that they are growing hair on new parts of their bodies. They will also begin to develop odors where they never had them previously. Sweating will become more common even for no reason. These changes need to be addressed or friends will lose their desire to hang out with the “smelly kid”. Basic teen hygiene is taught in school but parents should also spend time teaching teens good hygiene habits. Teens will also notice their hair becoming greasier due to the increase in oils going through the body and scalp. Showering will happen less often and they will produce more odor. Some teens don't even shower properly. Getting under the water for a few minutes doesn't count as a shower. Teaching our kids the proper way to soap and shampoo is essestial when they are young.

Daily Hygiene

It is good for teens to bathe or shower on a daily basis, this will reduce the under arm odor that begins with puberty. Every person secrets oils into their hair, but each has a different hair type. Some teens may find it necessary to wash their hair on a daily basis to keep it from getting too greasy. Deodorant should also be introduced as part of the teen’s hygiene habits. If parents do not tell a teen how to take care of their body who will? The increase in body oils will usually lead to some degree of acne. It is important that teens learn to take care of their skin to avoid scarring, which lead to embarrassment and low self esteem through their lives.

Boy Hygiene

Boy’s hygiene differs from girl’s hygiene in some ways. Boys will soon need to begin shaving their faces. Boys typically have a tendency to produce more body odor than most girls. For this reason it is important that boy’s hygiene include daily showers, and the proper use of deodorant. Most school districts offer gym class where teens have the opportunity to shower daily, but parents still need to monitor the teen’s hygiene behaviors until they realize the importance of it.

Girl Hygiene

Girl hygiene differs for obvious reasons. Girls will need to be instructed about their menstrual cycle they will soon be experiencing. Cleanliness in this is very important also to keep teen from being teased unnecessarily. With proper instruction from parents there is no need for a girl’s hygiene to ever cause her embarrassment. With all of the other issues teens struggle with, it is helpful to remove issues that can be controlled. Young ladies also suffer with acne. It is equally or even more important for teen girls to have nice skin. Parents should assist them in every way regarding proper skin care to avoid the negativities of acne problems.

Child Hygiene

Child Hygiene is mostly the responsibility of the parents. As children near teenage years they should begin learning proper hygiene so the transition will come easier. When a child is about 6 years old they could learn to take a shower and wash their own hair. Parents should still monitor them, but give them the opportunity to learn proper hygiene so it will come more naturally. Child hygiene is important to the overall health of the child also. Germs breed in places that are not clean, if the child’s hygiene is adequate it can reduce the chance of their becoming ill. The transition from child hygiene to teen hygiene will be natural if parents will take the time to teach them to take care of themselves while they are young.

Adolescent Hygiene

Adolescent Hygiene follows child hygiene and is also a critical stage in a child’s life for proper care and training. We would consider adolescent hygiene to be from ages 7-12. Training in this phase of a child’s life can be very important. While children are still in the adolescent ages, they are much more teachable than when they become a teenager. As most parents will admit their teens think they know everything. By the time a child is 12, he or she should have a pretty good working knowledge of taking care of themselves. If this stage of hygienic training is taken care of, it will be very easy to assist with teenage hygiene.

Teenage Hygiene

If the previous phases of hygiene have been followed, Teenage Hygiene should be relatively easy. Since teenage hygiene follows adolescent hygiene, the teenager should be pretty well versed in personal care. The teenager will need to learn how to care for acne, and learn about puberty, but the basics of self cleanliness should already be a part of their lives. A teenager with good hygiene will have an advantage over teens that don’t take care of themselves. Everyone knows someone that just doesn’t smell right. A teen going through the challenges already inherent with teen’s lives today, doesn’t need to worry about something so easy to take care of as personal hygiene. In conclusion, all phases of hygiene, from child hygiene all the way to adult hygiene play an important role in society today. If parents will teach their children hygiene as soon as they understand the concept, their lives will be much easier.