Troubled Teen Options

Teenís Goal Setting

A teenís goal setting habits should be developed before they actually reach their teen years. If a teen hopes to be successful, he or she will need to develop the ability to set and reach goals. Goal setting is a practice most successful adults live by. If a teen is able to learn this concept while they are a teen, they will have a head start on most of their peers. Teen goal setting can include the following:

* Academic goals

* College goals

* Physical goals

* Spiritual goals

* Social goals

* Athletic goals

Teen Goal Setting and Hard Work

If a teen has his or her eye on a particular college, they will need to receive a list of the requirements necessary to be accepted at that college. Once they have the list of what is required, they can work backward and develop a plan. The plan to accomplish the large goal of college admission comes by completing small daily goals of academic performance. Similarly, athletic goals will be accomplished by making and keeping daily physical goals. For example, if a teen has a desire to play on the high school basketball team with the goal of playing on a college team, he will need to have some daily goals. His daily goals will have to reflect his commitment and desire to play. Some teenís are not naturally talented in basketball, they may need to practice many hours daily to achieve their goals.

Teen Education Goal Setting

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, a teen with less athletic ability may need to work twice as hard to make the basketball team than a student blessed with athletic ability. The same principle applies to academics and college preparation. A student that is not blessed with a strong academic ability will need to work twice as hard as a student with those abilities. Just like the student desirous to be on the basketball team will have to forfeit personal time practicing, so will the teen desiring to attend a prestigious college. The teen with desires to attend a prime college will have to spend many hours in preparation, studying to develop his or her abilities academically. Once a teen actually catches the vision of what he or she can accomplish through hard work they will be unstoppable. A teen with a good work ethic can accomplish just about anything they set their mind to. The earlier a teen realizes that they have the ability to control their destiny the earlier they will begin to succeed.