Troubled Teen Options

Teen Drug Rehab Centers

Drugs are being used by more and more teens evey year. Addiction rates are at an all time high in America. As the world slumps into an economic crisis people are looking for ways to cope with the stress. Drugs can be very helpful if you need them and use them properly. If you have a troubled teen and he is addicted to drugs get help today. Below is a list of drug rehab centers that will be more than happy to help you and your addicted teen.

Capstone Treatment Center - Judsonia AR

Capstone is a licensed residential treatment program serving troubled young men (14-24) who struggle with substance abuse, family conflict, and personal problems including loss, hurt, anger, abuse, depression, low self-esteem, defiance and a rebellious attitude. The average length of stay is approximately 3–3.5 months. Capstone is Christian centered that cultivates spiritual growth, not religiosity. Capstone is not associated with a church affiliation, just Christianity.

Capstone Offers The Following:

* Animal assisted therapy.

* The resident participates in four workouts per week including weight lifting and cardio conditioning.

* Wilderness Trek which includes backpacking, rock climbing, and a supervised solo experience.

* The resident participates in four hours per week of individual therapy with their personal therapist.

* Ropes course which provides the residents to work together and learn team work.

* Great academic program with a certified teacher. Indiviual tutoring is available.

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Visions Adolescent Treatment Center - Malibu CA

Visions Adolescent Drug Abuse Treatment Program is designed to serve males and females, ages 13 to 18, with drug and alcohol and dual diagnosis related problems. Our treatment team consists of therapists, counselors, nurses, family therapists, physicians, psychiatrists, peer counselors and activity therapists. These highly skilled professionals use some of the most effective techniques available today.

Visions Treatment Center Criteria:

* Minimum age of 13 years old.

* Primary drug and/or alcohol problem.

* No physical or psychiatric disabilities, which preclude participation in the program structure, and/or         activities.

* No pending legal problems of such nature as to encumber the resident's participation in treatment.

* Resident must be willing to accept all program rules and structural limitations prior to admission.

* No resident with a history of excessive violence will be admitted.

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Sober College - Woodland Hills CA

Sober College is an academic-focused treatment program that works with young adults struggling in life because of their involvement in addictive behaviors, primarily drug and alcohol. The heart of our clincial approach is a treatment team mentality which brings all levels of staff together weekly to discuss each student. Our mission is full recovery, giving young adults the skills and treatment necessary to lead lives free from addiction and substance abuse.

Sober College offers the following:

* Life Skills is defined as the ability to cope with stresses and challenges of daily life, especially skills in communication and literacy, decision-making, occupational requirements, problem-solving, time management and planning.

* Sober College Fitness includes outdoor activties, martial arts and team sports that create an environment that makes physical fitness appealling. Activities include hiking, surfing, triathlons, rock climbing, bicycling, martial arts, golf and team sports, such as basketball, softball, soccer, lacrosse and ice hockey..

* Sober College provides a customized learning experience using accredited curriculum, individualized and group instruction and cutting-edge technology.

* Offering a women-centric curriculum - All women staff and all women patients

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Wilderness Treatment Center - Marion MT

Wilderness Treatment Center "WTC" is a 60 day licensed, chemical dependency treatment program for young men and male teens age 14 to 24. Since it's inception in 1983, WTC has successfully treated young men/male teens from all over the world. Our treatment center's primary goal is to introduce male teens & young adult males to a new way of life free from drugs and alcohol with increased self-esteem and a feeling of empowerment.

WTC offers the following:

* They combine a conventional 30 day inpatient stay with a 16-21 day wilderness adventure expedition.

* They have been open for 26 years. They have a good reputation and have been featured on national tv.

* Same licensed counselor for entire wilderness trip.

* Individual and group therapy with a licensed therapist.

* Clients in need of high school credit can obtain up to 2.5 credits while in treatment at Wilderness Treatment Center.

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Ashley Valley Wilderness - Vernal UT

Drug rehab and therapy program for adults ages 18-25. Our mission is to act as a site for exploration into individual perceptions and behaviors. We adhere to the concept that in order to change behavior perceptions must be changed. These perceptions for successful living are taught in a milieu of structured activities combined with professional counseling services. Ashley Valley is a new beginning. We work specifically with our students to assist them in overcoming negative behavior patterns. Participants will learn to appreciate themselves for their strengths, skills, and power to set and pursue meaningful goals.

Ashley Valley Wilderness offers the following:

* AVW has been a featured program for young adults on the Dr. Phil Show.

* Professional counseling services are delivered by a certified counselor.

* They work with two phases that slowly change each individual patient.

* Second phase is designed specifically for patients who need additional time to work on therapeutic         issues.

* Ashley Valley has a 1:3 or better staff to student ration at all times.

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Paradise Recovery - Honolulu HI

Paradise Recovery is a licensed, private, highly professional, addiction recovery and health rejuvenation program on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. We treat all kinds of addictions with effective traditional and complimentary interventions supporting you with the insight and strategies for a sustained recovery. We accept individuals with co-occurring depression, anxiety, traumatic loss and other stressful emotional difficulties making life hard to manage.

Paradise Recovery offers the following:

* Highly private and confidential with no more than 8 residents in treatment at any one time.

* Intensive psychodynamic individual psychotherapy that addresses core issues and helps to create a         lasting change.

* Executive beachfront estate with exquisite semi-private suites.

* Your own certified personal fitness trainer will assist you to meet personal fitness goals.

* Therapeutic massages, meditation and mindfulness training.

* Scholarships and akamai track available for eligible and motivated candidates

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