Troubled Teen Options

Teen Dating

The teenage years are an exciting time. It is a time for change and growth, both physically and emotionally. Many teens develop long and lasting relationships during their adolescent years. Teen dating is an important part of developing proper social skills and provides a way to learn how to treat others with respect and kindness. Even before the teen is old enough to date, parents should set up ground rules that are discussed regularly so that everyone is clear on what is expected. Parents should know the details of the date. Know exactly where the teens will be going, who will be there, and what time they will be home. Good communication is essential during teen dating.

Teen Dating Ideas

There are many different things do when it comes to planning a date. For first time dates don't plan on going to a movie. Movies don't allow you to talk and get to know each other. Plan a date that involves something you both can do while you talk and get to know each other. Here are some ideas:

Minature golf - Fun, cheap and allows both of you to talk and break the ice.

Laser Tag - Another fun and cheap date that will give you a chance to feel more comfortable with each other.

Bowling - Bowling is a really good way to talk and get to know each other.

Dinner And Games - If you have known the person for a while make a dinner at your house and play board games.

These are basic ideas but they are good ways to break the ice and hopefully set up a second date.

Parents Should Know Friends Of Teens

Parents should be in-the-know on who their teen is hanging out with. If going on a formal date, it should a must that the parents meet the young man or young woman who will be accompanying their teen. Have a code word. If the date isn’t going well, or if a teen feels like they are in an uncomfortable situation, they should be able to call home, state the code word which word alert the parent, and then the parent would come to the aide of the teen. Teens should always feel calm and comfortable in their different dating situations.

Teen Dating Mistakes

Sometimes while dating, teens may find themselves with someone they trust, but in a bad situation. It is important for parents and teens to discuss beforehand the “what if” scenarios, what they would do, and to know that they can and should say no to something they don’t feel comfortable with. It should be made clear that alcohol and/or drugs are not allowed by anyone who will be participating in the date. Dating is a fun and memorable time in an adolescent’s life. It is important that boundaries and rules are made and followed; however, too many restrictions may lead to rebellion and resentment. It is important for teens and parents to meet in the middle. Teen dating can and should be a highlight during the adolescent years.