Troubled Teen Options

Related Alcohol Problems

There are many problems related to alcohol and alcohol abuse.  The related alcohol issues extend to the families of those abusing alcohol.  Related alcohol problems will definitely be a problem for the children of an alcoholic parent.  The problems related with alcohol abuse are even more devastating to teens and children younger than a teenager.  Related alcohol problems can prevent a teen from graduating high school.  One great problem related to alcohol abuse is that of fetal alcohol syndrome.  Other related alcohol problems include financial devastation and even death.  If the problem related to alcohol is not resolved, the person addicted could eventually die.  The problems related to alcohol are often downplayed in our society today.  When considered seriously, problems related to alcohol are costing everyone dearly.  Most related alcohol problems can be prevented if the teen is educated about the dangers associated with them.

Alcohol Problems and Solutions

Alcohol problems and solutions are available to help teens.  The alcohol problems and solutions may not be what a thrill seeking wants to hear.  To avoid alcohol problems the best answer is for the teen to avoid using alcohol altogether.  The reason there are limits on the legal age associated with drinking are very logical.  Alcohol problems and the solutions to them could be bypassed with a teen refusing to take the first drink.  Alcohol problems and solutions can be as simple as determining as a youth to establish a set of personal rules.  The youth may decide that they don’t want to take a chance on becoming addicted to alcohol and avoid being in a situation where they will be offered some.  Most teens hang out with kids that share the same interests they do.  Most teens will know in advance if they are going to a party or a situation where alcohol may be served.

Abuse on Campus

Abuse on campus has been an issue for many schools throughout America.  Teens will not only abuse on campus but get high or drunk before they get to school.  It is important to deal with abuse on both problems.  The end result is the same.  Kids that are in a mind altered state going through their day at school can not be a positive experience for anyone.  Abuse on campus has dropped in many high schools due to the presence of the on campus policeman.  It is important to deal quickly with any level of abuse on or off campus.  Drug or alcohol abuse on any level can create extra problems for students, teachers, and administration.  If your child is caught in a situation with abuse on campus, it is important to be proactive.  Abuse on any level can be addicting, and create greater problems if not detected and redirected early on.

Alcohol About

Alcohol is about many things to many people.  The alcohol can be about trying to escape from the pressures of life.  The alcohol can be about other issues a person is trying to escape from.  For many, alcohol is about removing terrible memories of sexual abuse as a child.  Alcohol is about many things to many people.  The one common denominator is alcohol is about nothing positive.  Alcohol is about a parent sitting in a bar instead of home with his or her family.  Alcohol is about a teenager in jail for drunk and disorderly.  Alcohol is about  a college student in jail in a foreign country.  Alcohol is about a young girl that became pregnant while she was intoxicated.

Alcohol Teenage

Alcohol teenage drinking is an epidemic in the United States today.  Alcohol teenage drinking can keep the teen from graduating high school and getting a good job.  Alcohol in teenage years can create many problems that would not be existent if the teen were to abstain from drinking.  One problem is alcohol teenage drinking parties.    The alcohol teenage drinking parties create problems ranging from sexual promiscuity to fighting and everything in between.  Another problem with alcohol in teenage years is the damage it might cause to the teens abusing it.  For example, a teen under the influence could actually hurt or kill someone.  The alcohol teenage problem is magnified by the youth and inexperience of the teen.  Alcohol teenage problems could be avoided if the teen were to commit early to refrain from drinking.

Drug Use Alcohol

Drug use and alcohol abuse are common ways for teens to escape from reality.  The drug use alcohol problem has been around for many years.  The drug use alcohol problem has created many problems for teens as they grow and mature.  Drug use and alcohol dependency can create a void in the life of the one who is addicted.  Once a person is addicted they will lose a desire for anything except drugs and alcohol.    Drug use and alcohol dependence are both very difficult habits to break.  There are many placement opportunities for those suffering from drug use or an alcohol dependent person.  There are drug use and alcohol support groups in most communities and there are also residential treatment centers.  For people with drug use and alcohol addictions of a more serious nature, there are also hospitals that can help.

Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking and alcohol problems are among the most addictive habits to break.  A person that becomes a slave to smoking and alcohol will wish they had never started.  No one can predict the future or know in advance if they will be addicted to smoking or alcohol.  If there is a history of smoking and alcohol dependence in ones family, they should seriously consider ever taking their first drink or cigarette.    There have been many families ruined by alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction.  As mentioned earlier it is better to have never tried smoking and alcohol than to realize that you are now addicted.  Smoking and alcohol have become very expensive habits to support financially.  There is talk of raising the taxes on cigarettes, and alcohol.  This will raise the expense of these deadly vices.  A hidden cost that is also unable to estimate is the possibility of losing ones job as a result of a drunken hangover. 

Teens and Drinking

Teens and drinking have been an issue ever since they both came into existence.  The legal age for drinking is actually 21 in most states, but this has never stopped a creative teen from drinking.  Teens drinking problems have contributed to teens being kicked out of school.  Teens drinking on campus can lead to temporary expulsion and even the possibility of permanently being kicked out of school.  Teen drinking habits can prevent them from participating in sports associated with school also.  Schools will more than likely have to drug and alcohol test their athletes to make sure they are not abusing drugs or alcohol.  Given all of the negatives associated with Teens drinking, it is better for a teen to abstain from drinking altogether.