Troubled Teen Options

Private Schools

Private Schools used to be only for the rich and fairly difficult to get into. With some states giving parents an option as to where their child attends; private boarding schools have become more accessible to many families. Private schools range in price from less than $50 a day to more than $200 per day. The private school tuition is based on what is offered at each location. Some private schools are day schools, meaning that the child, youth, or teen will attend during the day and return to their homes in the evening. Most private schools require the students to wear uniforms and they do not allow misbehavior. It is understood that it is a privilege to attend. Private schools or private day schools work out well for children that are interested in receiving an education. Some parents choose private schools to remove their children from an inner city school or school that may be filled with gangs, violence, and drug abuse. The private school, while not perfect, usually offers a better educational situation than the public alternative.

Private High Schools

A Private High School is similar to the description above for private school or private day school. The Private High School usually offers a little better quality of education than the majority of public high schools. Private High Schools are usually not the best selection for a defiant or troubled teen. This is simply because the Private High School is geared toward those who really want an education. The majority of Private High School’s are college prep schools meaning that they can increase a child’s chances of getting into college. College prep also means that the academics can be a little more difficult. Many Private High Schools have complete sports programs that allow the teen to participate in sports, along with top notch education opportunities.

Private Boarding Schools

Private Boarding Schools differ from Private High Schools in that the youth in a Private Boarding School live on campus. Private Boarding Schools have previously been known as options for the rich and famous. If a wealthy family did not want to spend the time necessary tending for a youngster or a teen, they were sent to a Private Boarding School.

Private Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens

Private Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens differ from traditional boarding schools because they take defiant unruly youth that are not making it in a regular boarding school setting. Oddly enough, the Private Boarding School for Troubled Teens can cost much more than the regular Private Boarding School. The reason for this is the amount of attention that the troubled teen requires. Not only do teachers and staff have to help the child receive an education, but they have to help him or her learn to behavior appropriately.