Troubled Teen Options

Teen Prescription Drug Abuse

One drug that is becoming more and more popular among teens is abusing prescription drugs. Teens are finding these poweful drugs in mom or dad's medicine cabinet. If your a parent with a medical condition that requires you to have these pills, make sure you hide or lock them up so your teen isn't able to find them. Often times parent's can't see that their teen son or daughter even has a problem with drugs. Prescription drugs are very powerful and are very addicitive. Some people crush them up and snort them like cocaine. Even more dangerous methods include crushing them up and then injecting them into your system like herion. Trying to quit prescription drugs can cause major withdrawls. Symptoms of withdrawal can include restlessness, muscle pain, insomnia, diarrhea, vomiting, cold flashes with goose bumps, and involuntary leg movements.

Prescription Drug Treatment

Teens that can't overcome the prescription drug treatment by themselves may need an intervention. More times than not people will say they are not addicted and don't have a problem. In their minds everything is ok. But in reality they could be one snort away from death. As family and friends we have the responsibility to intervene and make them get help. Organize a time where you all get together and explain to the addict that you will no longer help them in their addiction. If you feel like you may need it, invite a professional interventionist to come and help. The worst thing you can do, is nothing. There are thousands of drug treatment centers that will be happy to help.

Different Types Of Prescription Drugs

There are many different types of prescription drugs but these three are the most common.

* Opioids - used to treat pain.

* CNS Depressants - used for anxiety and sleep disorders.

* Stimulants - prescribed to treat narcolepsy and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

The most popular drug used and abused by teens in the drug called OxyContin. This drug is oxycodone which is prescribed to alleviate pain. Vicodin is another powerful drug that can also be abused. These drugs act as a blocker which stop the pain transmitter from reaching the brain.

CNS depressants calm the brain and slows the heart. In higher doses, some CNS depressants are anesthetics. Xanax is a popular drug that can be prescribed to treat anxiety, acute stress reactions, and panic attacks