Troubled Teen Options

Prep Schools

The term Prep Schools can mean several things but usually it is referring to a college prep type school. Prep Schools is short for Preparatory Schools. Prep Schools can be either Day Prep Schools or Boarding Prep Schools. In a day prep school the students come for the day and the return home in the evening. This limits most prep schools to those who live within a reasonable distance from the school. Most prep schools are private and require some type of minimum educational performance, letters of recommendation, and students desiring a good education.

Boarding Prep Schools

A Boarding Prep School is able to admit students from all over the country and even out of the country, because the students actually live on campus. This widens the field of possible students, thus increasing the minimum standards and possibly the cost of tuition. If a boarding prep school accepts students from all over, they can be very selective about the students they accept. They can also set higher standards for the behavioral and educational requirements they desire. Many boarding prep schools will not tolerate poor grades or defiant behavior. When a boarding prep school has a waiting list, their demands and minimum standards will usually become more stringent. It is only logical that there is no room for a goof off in a setting like this. Parents are paying a fair amount of money and they will expect better than average performance from both student and school. The difficulty of the requirements will also include behavior after school. If a student plans on going to a boarding prep school to have a good time and a lot of fun, they should rethink their decision.

Preparatory Schools

Preparatory Schools or Prep Schools can help a child prepare for a college education. Many Preparatory Schools assist the youth as they prepare to take their SAT, SSAT, and GRE tests. These important tests can determine which colleges a teen will be able to attend. The Preparatory Schools can offer training tests to help the teen increase the possibility of doing well on these very important tests. After the training tests, the student will be able to focus on any areas of weakness that he or she may have.

Prep Teen Schools

Prep Teen Schools are designed to help teenagers seeking a better quality of education. Prep Teen Schools are very strong in academics, and the teachers are also some of the best in their areas of expertise. The value of a Prep Teen School can not be underestimated. If a parent wants their teen to excel, enrolling their teen in a prep teen school can be a very good investment.