Troubled Teen Options

Illegal Alcohol

Illegal alcohol purchases are made everyday in America.  A small grocery store owner that needs business will take the chance of getting fined to sell alcohol to a minor.  The illegal alcohol transaction is usually a low priority for most law enforcement agencies.  Some people say they are so inundated with more serious crimes that busting a teenager for purchasing alcohol illegally is not that important.  The illegal alcohol problem has been around for as long as alcohol has been legal.  Illegal alcohol used to create some pretty intense chases across the country many years ago.   Moon shiners would bottle up their illegal alcohol and try to deliver it without getting caught.  Even though alcohol is now legal for adults over the age of 21, there are still illegal alcohol purchases going on everyday.

Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking and alcohol problems are among the most addictive habits to break.  A person that becomes a slave to smoking and alcohol will wish they had never started.  No one can predict the future or know in advance if they will be addicted to smoking or alcohol.  If there is a history of smoking and alcohol dependence in ones family, they should seriously consider ever taking their first drink or cigarette.    There have been many families ruined by alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction.  As mentioned earlier, it is better to have never tried smoking and alcohol than to realize that you are now addicted.  Smoking and alcohol have become very expensive habits to support financially.  There is talk of raising the taxes on cigarettes, and alcohol.  This will raise the expense of these deadly vices.  A hidden cost that is also unable to estimate is the possibility of losing ones job, as a result of a drunken hangover.

Teens and Drinking

Teens and drinking have been an issue ever since they both came into existence.  The legal age for drinking is actually 21 in most states, but this has never stopped a creative teen from drinking.  Teens drinking problems have contributed to teens being kicked out of school.  Teens drinking on campus can lead to temporary expulsion and even the possibility of permanently being kicked out of school.  Teen drinking habits can prevent them from participating in sports associated with school also.  Schools will more than likely have to drug and alcohol test their athletes to make sure they are not abusing drugs or alcohol.  Given all of the negatives associated with Teens drinking, it is better for a teen to abstain from drinking altogether.