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Dangerous Teen Activities - Choking Game

The Choking Game has become popular in schools across the country. It is exactly what it sounds like teens will choke each other until they pass out. The dangers of this are many. A teen may be unaware of how hard they are choking the person they are choking. If a teen is dropped after they are choked, they could hit their head and create head trauma. Here is a list of other names associated with this dangerous game.

* american dream game

* blackout game

* choking game

* dreaming game

* fainting game

* flatline game

* hyperventilation game

* knockout game

* passout game

* space cowboy

* suffocation game

* roulette

* tingling game

Here are some signs that a parent should look for if they think their teen might be participating in this dangerous game.

* Unexplained marks or bruises on neck

* Short ropes, cords, belts, etc. in unusual places

* Blood shot eyes

* Complaints of headaches

* Disorientation after spending time alone

* History on Internet of information about choking

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Teen’s Fighting

As long as there have been teenage boys there have been teen fights. Boys have a need to determine who the “Alpha Male” is. It is fairly common in just about every setting that men and boys need to know who is in charge. If there are two young men who both think they are in charge, they fight to determine who will ultimately be in charge. This is genetic and happens not only in the human world but with animals as well.

When a deer wants to take control of the herd he challenges the current leader. There is a battle horns are locked and the challengers wins and takes control of the herd of the current leaders remains in charge. The loser leaves the herd. Teen fighting is something that parents should monitor very closely. In today’s litigious society, parents would be wise to make sure that their child doesn’t bring a lawsuit to their door.

There is an increase in girls fighting today. There have been videos made and posted on U Tube and other similar sites. Teen girls are becoming more territorial. Girls are also joining gangs that require them to participate in acts of violence to be accepted.

Teen’s Huffing

We believe that huffing is one of the most dangerous activities a teen or child can participate in. We have personal knowledge of teens that have died as a result of huffing. One of the biggest problems of huffing is the lack of quantity control. When a teen drinks a bottle of beer they know how much alcohol they have partaken of. When a teen huffs gasoline or some other toxic substance, they have no idea of how much they are inhaling. It is easy for a teen to lose a sense of what they are doing. In an attempt to get higher and higher, they inhale a fatal amount of fumes. It is sad that a teen’s life can come to an early end because of this dangerous behavior.

Street Racing

With movies like Fast and Furious and video games like Grand Theft Auto, some teens feel like they can drive better than they really can. One problem teens soon realize is that there is no reset button in an automobile. There is no way to bring back the life of an innocent bystander or a close friend. When a teen is street racing and loses control of the vehicle, innocent people may very likely be hurt. Teens that suffer from the invincible syndrome believe that they can do anything, and it will work out ok. Reality is if they wreck their car someone is probably going to get hurt. In many cases their best friends are in the car with them. It is a terrible life cross to bear knowing that a teen has killed some of his best friends.

A good example of the danger from street racing is celebrity Nick Hogan. He was involved in an illegal street race and ended up paralyzing his best friend. The best advice is to just follow the law.